Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Teresa Palmer -- NEW Interview -- I Am Number Four

Teresa Palmer, Number Six in DJ Caruso's on screen adaption of I Am Number Four, recently sat down and talked with Steve "Frosty" Weintraub of Collider during a press day for the film.  During the interview Teresa talks about her thoughts on seeing some of the finished footage, the training she had to do for the film, and the stunts she had to perform.  Read on for details.

COLLIDER: So how was the training for this?
Palmer:  I was in extensive training for about maybe 3 months before we started the actual filming process. It was very intense, but in the most wonderful way. It’s definitely the most physically challenging role I’ve ever taken on. We started slowly. I didn’t want to do a disservice to Number Six by not knowing how to fight and having a body double or stunt double do all that work. So I decided that I would learn to fight, to use a sword, to shoot a gun, to flip around and do as much of the action as I could. But it was long and I had a ton of battle scars and bruises and…just hours of training, but I definitely got in the best shape of my life on that movie.  Unfortunately, that hasn’t kept, but that’s ok (laughs).
COLLIDER:   Obviously, you’re character is in the end of the trailer.  Have you seen final footage, have you done ADR (additional dialogue recording) work, or was that your first time seeing footage?
Palmer:  I have done ADR work. In fact, that’s why I have such a croaky throat at the moment. I ADR’ed a ton of my action sequences. One of the pieces you saw in the trailer is showing my “legacy,” which is a power that Number Six has; she has the power of being fireproof.  So the shot of her holding back a massive fireball, I had to ADR that entire scene because I wasn’t mic’d, which meant just screaming for like four hours. So I have seen a lot of the footage and it looks really great so far. It’s very action-packed and the special effects seem just so new and refreshing and stuff that I haven’t seen before. It’s really exciting.
COLLIDER: So, this was your first film where you were kind of doing these crazy stunts. Could you talk about what that experience was like?
Palmer:  It was very intimidating. Especially when I had been training for months using these big, soft mats and I was very confident. I was like, “Ohhh, this’ll be a piece of cake,” and then I get to set, and obviously you can’t have these big blue mats on the ground. And they said, “Look, we can pad you up,” but you can’t put too much padding underneath the tight leather that I’m wearing, so I really had a tiny soft-gel pad.  And in one of the scenes, I had to throw myself onto the ground [and do a] front roll and slam up against this wall. And literally like ten minutes before we started shooting it, the stunt team were trying to teach me to just roll on concrete and it was so painful. But I didn’t want my stunt double to do it because I wanted them to have the option of using my face during the roll. So, we did it twice and it was extremely painful and I was all bruised the next week (laughs). But it was worth it and I really felt like I had accomplished something.
Click here to read the full article, including how Alex Pettyfer continuously pranked Teresa on set!

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